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Meet the UNWG at International Festival Bazaar

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The ladies of the UNWG raise funds for charity all year long.  We have locations within the Vienna International Center (VIC) for our Book Shop and Charity Secondhand Shop.  In addition, we run a Kiosk at the VIC Gate 1 entrance that is open to the public.  The Kiosk (open M-F 1200-1500) has unique gift items, handmade jewelry, Vienna souvenirs and t-shirts.  We also have groups like plants, quilts, stamps and coins that meet regularly throughout the year to promote the bonds of friendship and charity.

The International Festival Bazaar happens to be our largest fundraiser of the year.  The UNWG ladies will be organizing and working the following Stalls and Areas:



Charity Shop – Flea Market



Pop-up Shop (New for 2015!)


Surprise Corner


Main Stage Entertainment

Young Generation Talent


Food Stall

Information Desk


Volunteer Center

Please be sure to stop by, we look forward to meeting you and expressing our appreciation for your support of the UNWG International Festival Bazaar.

Photo Credit:  Dina Lee of Leedina Portraits

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