Events & Programmes

Events & Programmes

The UNWG organizes the International Festival-Bazaar for the public with free admission.  There will be gift items for sale, special foods and drinks and cultural performances. See full agenda here.

Food & Drinks

Special foods and drinks offered by kitchens from over 40 countries.

Each country prepares their own typical foods and beverages. Taste all of the different cuisines in the main halls of the Bazaar, purchase international items like Colombian chocolate, Japanese Sakuramochi and much more! Every purchase is a donation to support the UNWG charitable mission.



Gift items for sale from around the world.

Participating countries display their wares, from fine wines to handmade pottery, and Dead Sea salt, everything typical to their home.

In addition, members of the UNWG work throughout the year to design and create handicrafts, source special gift items, collect and sort stamps and coins, as well as books, clothing, jewellery and plants donated by our supporters.

UNWG Stalls: Surprise Corner (A small donation brings great joy!): Hall X3, UNWG Kiosk (Souvenirs, gifts): Hall X4, Coins & Stamps (vintage collections): Hall X4, Quilts ( hand-made needlework): Hall X4, Books (used books in many languages): Hall X3, Plants (fresh cut and potted plants): HallX3, Drinks/Bar: Halls X4,X3 and X1, Second Hand Shop and UNWG Pop Up Shop: Hall X1.



International Cultural performances for the entire family.

The Countries delegate talented artists to perform live on the International Festival Bazaar stages:  dancing, singing, playing music. Stay tuned and follow the agenda.


See full agenda here.