Since 2001 the United Nations Women’s Guild distributed nearing 3 million euros in 115 countries, supporting children and mothers worldwide.

Find detailed information on project selection and project details on the UNWG official website. Do you have a qualifying project? Get the application form here.


UNWG Donation Map

Mission of the UNWG

Mission of the UNWG Charity Programme for Children

Each year the UNWG financially supports many children’s charities in Austria and the developing world. This project-based programme is organised for the sole purpose of benefiting children in need. The UNWG charity programme benefits abused children, those having restricted access to education, children with serious health problems, e.g. AIDS, children having no access to clean drinking water, victims of calamity or catastrophe, orphans, children with special needs or children suffering from extreme poverty or starvation.


You can help Women’s Guild in reaching even more children.

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